Direct Approach

People are saying good things!

"What I like most is the transparency." Jon, UK

"The dynamics automation saves hours of editing!" Luke, Canada

"...producing music is much more enjoyable with a sanity checker like SpecTrend!" Alexander, UK

Please email any questions to We will contact you as soon as possible during normal working hours.

We try very hard to respond as quickly as we can. At busy times, and on weekends or holidays, this might require delays. We will respond as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

No. We decided that, since computer hardware has been 64bit capable for over a decade, and operating systems have been 64bit for several years, we will look to the future and provide only 64bit plugins.

Most computers sold are already 64bit, so chances are, your system will be also. And, keep in mind, that music production systems need to be up-to-date to handle the processing load that DAW software requires, so you will want to be 64bit.

We have plugins for 64bit Windows systems (Windows 7 and newer), and 64bit Mac OSX systems (10.9 Mavericks, and newer, but not Catalina and newer).

Our support of 64bit systems is based on the fact that 64bit is already the standard, and any new system will be 64bit also.

We currently have plugins for VST, VST3, AAX, and AU.

Remember, all of these plugin formats are for 64bit systems.

"Non-Linear Sample Remapping Technology™ (NLSRT™)" is the unique technology that many of our plugins are based upon.

"NLSRT™ came about in the process of developing our first plugin, LimitX™. It is an algorithm which acts upon each sample in an intelligent fashion resulting in a more natural and musical sound. Instead of applying brute force to only certain parts of the waveform, NLSRT™ adjusts each sample according to, and in proportion to, its position in the waveform. This makes our plugins able to accomplish their work while being very transparent! You will hear the difference!

We have included the unqiue ability in all our dynamics based plugins, LimitX™, BoostX™, Snap!™, DASR™, CompPlus™, to record automation of the dynamics processing stage.

This is a powerful way to gain complete control of the dynamics of every track. The plugins all perform their function automatically, or you can enable the dynamics automation and edit the dynamics as your track requires.