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"What I like most is the transparency." Jon, UK

"The dynamics automation saves hours of editing!" Luke, Canada

"...producing music is much more enjoyable with a sanity checker like SpecTrend!" Alexander, UK

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All New! 64 bit PC and Mac - VST, VST3, AAX, and AU

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LimitX™ - Unique limiting, intelligently prevents "overs", while being totally transparent! Plus, read/write of dynamics automation!

The plugin that started it all! It was during the development of LimitX™ that we discovered the basis for NLSRT™ which provides the adjustment to peak signals proportional to their level, resulting in transparent limiting with retention of high frequency content. While many limiters will give a waveform that looks like a lawn mower clipped off the top of each waveform, LimitX™ adjusts each peak both before and after in proportion to its level so that the peak is controlled in a very musical and natural way. Plus, now you are able to record and edit the dynamics automation!

Included in AllPlugins Bundle 64 bit PC and Mac, VST, VST3, AAX, AU

LimitX™ is intended to keep your peak levels under control at all times. In particular, it is designed to "save" your mix in those times when you get some overs from what is otherwise a great mix balance. By applying our NLSRT™ technology, LimitX™ prevents the overs while leaving your overall sound unaffected. So, it can be a "mix saver". And it provides piece of mind when applied to any track or mix bus by giving you the confidence that your peaks will be under control. All of our plugins use 64 bit processing wherever possible, and are even capable of processing 64 bit data, if your DAW provides it. LimitX™ has a fully functional free trial. Download and try it today!